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Here We Go.

So, for a while now I have been wanting to start a blog. You know it is time to share all of these great conversations I have with myself (he says sarcastically). But there has been one thing that has made me stop each time, fear. I mean come on I am an Illustrator and designer by trade. I can't write, I can barely speak proper english, the red dots have already shown up about 15 times while typing this showing how I can't spell, and I am sure I have already run into multiple grammar issues. Even with all of that I must still push through.

It is 2018, a new year, and it is time for a new me. 2017 was a very blessed year for my family. My wife and I both got new jobs, we moved to Austin, Texas (a place we have dream of for a long time), we bought a new house, and most of all we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. We have been very busy, and with that new bundle of joy, very tired. (Our daughter will be 5 months old on the 30th, and I finally think I am getting a hang of this dad thing.)

I am wanting to use this blog to share my experiences, inspiration, knowledge, and to entertain myself and hopefully you as well. Because I am not a writer I plan to keep these post short and sweet. Something I can put together fast and get back to enjoying my time with family or catch up on sleep. (I am probably going to be writing these posts while my family sleeps.)

After that intro It brings me to my first topic, Anxiety. What a great topic to start with for a new year, right! I mean, I am sure you are stressing about something as you are reading this and I don't mean to make you stress more (or do I). On the contrary I am wanting to help you cope with your anxiety.

Yesterday morning I went to a Creative Morning meeting and the topic was, you guessed it, anxiety. In this meeting, Melanie Weinberger, talked about her experiences with anxiety and how she learned to grab it by the horns and make it her bitch. (I cuss sometimes, because I am cool. Get over it) Melanie explains that the toughest thing to come to grips with while you deal with anxiety is that you are the main problem. She made some great points about how we all learn our own ways to cope with things when we are very young, talking like 3 years old young, and we never develop those coping mechanisms any further as we age. So now we are 29 and can't deal with it when our Instagram post only gets 12 likes. (But really only 12 likes, it was totally worth at least 23) The great thing about her talk, unlike other YouTube videos that swear they will help you and just leave you hanging, is that she supplied us with easy steps to help us cope with our anxiety.

Step 1: Breathe

I know you have heard this one before, but it works. When we become anxious we tend to shorten our breathing and that causes our mind to literally freeze up. By introducing a deep and controlled breathing pattern your body naturally relaxes and your mind opens up, just like in meditation. (The breathing technique she suggested was a breath in for a count of 5, a breath out for a count of 7, and a hold for a count of 2. Then repeat.)

Step 2: The Slow Minute

Now that you have the breathing down keep that going for a minute, just a minute, feel how long that 1 minute lasts and how calm you feel after.

Step 3: Welcome the Anxious Thoughts

Let you Anxious thoughts back into your mind. Feel your anxiety and let yourself know it is ok to feel this way. Acknowledge the fear they bring.

Step 4: Release Energy

Anxiety brings a natural energy to you body that is causing you to freak the fuck out. It is time to release that energy. There are many ways to do this one, running and working out are great, but sometimes we don't have the time to do those. Melanie suggests that tapping certain points on the body or literally wiggling in your chair can help release this energy. (one spot to tap is your brow right between your eyes.)

Step 5: Replace Anxious Feelings with Love

It is time to stop fearing what makes you anxious and start loving it, like a total boss. Love the parts you hate because they make you who you are. Melanie's example: you are scared to start your own company because you want to protect yourself from failing, isn't that sweet of you.

Step 6: Flip the Negative

In this step it is time to stop saying I have to and start saying I get to. Melanie's example was: I don't know how to start my own company vs. I get to learn how to start my own company.

Step 7: Create a Successful Future

Visualize the good happening and it will happen. Along the way imagine the process to be fun and you will have a blast on your journey to success.

I am sure you have heard one or all of these steps before, I know I have, but I have never had them put into a step-by-step process like Melanie showed us. I am so thankful that she shared her knowledge with us!

Ok, so that was longer than I thought it would be, but come on Melanie had a lot of gold that needed to be shared to the 3 of you reading this. (Hi Mom!) I am not sure how to end this, sooo okay. See ya later!

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